Sweep the Hooch


It was a record-breaking year for the Chattahoochee River Keeper at its annual Sweep the Hooch event. A small but mighty group of our Suwanee volunteers joined hundreds of volunteers equipped with gloves and garbage bags, set out across parks, tributaries, and access points along the river for the 14th annual Sweep the Hooch, a watershed-wide day of service. After a long day, we were excited to help remove 32.5 tons of trash and recycle 2.25 tons of materials!

Sleep in Heavenly Peace – Bed Delivery


Another group of HBK volunteers from the Woodlands office go out on a Saturday morning to deliver and build beds for children throughout the county. It was a wonderful feeling to see the beds come together with bedding for each kid to have and keep to get a full night's sleep in the years to come! HBK is proud to continuously support Sleep in Heavenly Peace. 

Erie House: Future of Promise


We joined Erie Neighborhood House at its Future of Promise Annual Awards Dinner for a fun and impactful evening. The turnout was overwhelming, and we were proud to be alongside others to celebrate Erie Neighborhood House's work, highlight honorees, and listen to the stories of its participants who were featured. HBK is grateful to help Erie achieve its mission and strengthen our communities. 

Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma


Our team members from our Tulsa office were excited to be back at their local food bank to help sort food that will be distributed to children, families, and those in need within the communities in Eastern Oklahoma. HBK has been proud to continuously support and volunteer at the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma and support its mission of reducing food insecurity and ending hunger in Oklahoma.

Aunt Mary's Storybook Book Drive


Members from the Illinois offices gathered books for Aunt Mary’s Storybook Drive, which works with correctional facilities, connecting families with their children with audio recordings of their favorite books and personal messages.

Aunt Mary’s Storybook, a key program of Companions Journeying Together, works with several correctional facilities throughout Illinois to bridge the emotional distance between children and their incarcerated parents. HBK was grateful to partake in this unique opportunity to directly benefit children from under-sourced backgrounds across Illinois to feel connected with their families. 

Salvage Barn in Iowa City


Our Iowa volunteers were excited to get moving and return back to the Salvage Barn, a place of hidden treasure! Together, they helped organize, clean, and preserve salvaged items, furthering local preservation and sustainability efforts. The Salvage Barn is operated by Friends of Historic Preservation, and they work to preserve historic architectural items and keep priceless materials out of landfills. HBK is proud to be a part of their mission!

DVIP Souper Bowl


HBK was honored to sponsor and volunteer with the Domestic Violence Intervention Program at its 27th Annual Souper Bowl, supporting vital services for victims, and survivors of domestic violence, stalking, and human trafficking. Volunteers helped serve soup throughout the event to attendees to taste test and sample. 

Mitzvah Circle Donation Drive


Our East Coast offices donated items to support Mitzvah Circle and help families facing a crisis by providing basic material goods, including clothing, essential household items, hygiene items, and more. Additionally, our Impact program was proud to match our team's receipts and submit a monetary donation to further aid Mitzvah Circle and its vision of a world in which kids and their parents have access to the everyday, essential items many people take for granted. 

Girls in the Game: Field of Dreams Gala


We enjoyed a fantastic evening at Girls in the Game for their 29th Annual Field of Dreams Gala, championing their mission to empower young women in Chicago. Together, we celebrated and supported their efforts in fostering confidence and motivation, guiding these remarkable individuals toward their highest aspirations.

Congratulations to the 2024 Champions

  • Sarah Adam: Team USA Wheelchair Rugby
  • Marianne Markowitz: President/Founder of First Women's Bank
  • Curtis Granderson: MLB Legend
  • Jennifer Lynne Williams: Director of Development for USA Basketball Foundation

MSI Black Creativity Events: Gala and Career Showcase


This month, HBK was delighted to join Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry for two of its Black Creativity events: the Annual Gala and Career Showcase. The Black Creativity Program at MSI celebrates African American achievement in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. Our attendees and volunteers were grateful to support this incredible program and share the world of engineering and HBK with others!

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