We were excited to host IS-ASCE T&DI and UESI at our Chicago Carroll office featuring presentations by ComEd’s Vincent Mazzaferro and our very own Eileen Koplin. An insightful discussion was had regarding how the ComEd Facility Relocation group collaborates with DOT agencies and public works departments to facilitate new infrastructure across Illinois It was a great evening of learning, good food and great company full of industry professionals.

WEN 50 Ways to More Calm, Less Stress


HBK is always a proud supporter of the Women's Energy Network. Most recently, our Chicago Carroll office was grateful to host its event featuring Keynote Speaker, Megy Karydes. Megy took us on an insightful journey through her book, "50 Ways to More Calm, Less Stress," and dove into various strategies to combat stress. Each tool was rooted in one of the five senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound. Attendees resonated with all of her tips and took in valuable techniques to enhance mental well-being.

Thank you to WEN for organizing this event. We were grateful to be involved!

Planet Underground: Roundtable for Contractors


Our Chicago Carroll office was honored to host Planet Underground for its first Roundtable for Contractors in celebration of National Construction Safety Week, an annual week-long event for the construction industry, its clients, and business partners that emphasizes the importance of sending every worker home safe. This discussion was moderated by Jemmie Wang and featured an excellent variety of participants, including HBK's Vice President, Dan Rest, discussing concerns for worker and public safety and efficiency on the job. 




El Valor Tequila Tasting


We had a fun night of fun and flavor attending El Valor’s Tequila Tasting hosted at Pizza Cantina. Beyond the drink tasting, our attendees enjoyed exploring local artists' work at the mini Mercado, supporting community talent, and finding unique treasures. HBK is glad to support El Valor's mission to empower children, those with disabilities, and their families to achieve excellence and participate fully in life.

Bring Your Kid to Work Day


The HR team hosted the first-ever HBK Bring Your Kid to Work Day event in the Chicago-Carroll and Norristown offices for a fun day. Kids took a tour and met with various departments and teams within HBK to see how each division helps contribute to projects, employees, and communities within and beyond HBK and the engineering industry. It was a full day of hands-on activities, fun presentations, and learning all about what their parents do at HBK. 

Locator Safety & Appreciation Week


In celebration of Locator Safety and Appreciation Week, we were excited to spread the gratitude with fun swag, Garrett's popcorn and a delicious lunch to each of our locators, from the Midwest region to the East Coast. HBK is proud to honor the incredible work of locators whose expertise ensures the safety and efficiency of worksites and communities. 

2024 Tulsa Pipe Liner's Spring Golf Tournament


Our HBK team was excited to be back with the Pipe Liners Club of Tulsa and it's 2024 Spring Golf Tournament. It was a great day to set up our tent, hand out swag and have our HBK team play a great round of golf. We're grateful to be among fellow industry professionals and support the Pipe Liners Club of Tulsa in it's dedication to the advancement of pipeline engineering, maintenance, and operating practices. 

2024 MCGPA Spring Golf Tournament


HBK was excited to be a Hole Sponsor for the GPA Midstream Midcontinent Chapter's Spring Golf Tournament, which was hosted at The Patriot Gold Club in Owasso. It was a great day to set up our company tent, provide swag, and connect with other industry professionals. HBK is glad to support the MCGPA so it can continue to serve as a forum for exchanging ideas and information regarding the Midstream Industry, and support the next generation of engineers with scholarships and engaging events. 

ACE Mentor Chicago Thank You Celebration


HBK was grateful to support and attend the ACE Mentor Program Chicago's annual Thank You event. Our attendees enjoyed a lovely cocktail reception with tasty bites, upbeat music, and time spent connecting with other supporters and sponsors within the architecture, construction, and engineering industries. This year, funds will be awarded as alumni scholarships to 17 students thanks to the support of several industry sponsors. HBK is proud to continue to support ACE Mentor Chicago as they build futures, foster equity, and create opportunity.

CONSTRUCT Graduation


After weeks of lessons, job shadows, panels, and constant learning, ComEd's CONSTRUCT Students, Class of 2024, have graduated! HBK was grateful to be part of another successful year and be heavily involved, from Engineering Day and Company Overviews to the HR Panel and Career Day to the newest addition, Volunteer Day. It was a great year to see students grow, and we're excited to watch as they dive into the industry and make their impact on the future!

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