Structural Engineering

The staff provides extensive experience with various construction materials including concrete, steel, and timber which they apply to their designs. By applying this formula, HBK is able to develop effective designs for both public and private sectors in cities throughout the country. The range of structural projects in which HBK is routinely involved includes the design of permanent and temporary structures including manholes, vaults, and shoring structures.

The experienced staff of geotechnical engineers provides the company with unique insights into the installation of underground infrastructure. By utilizing the collective experience of these engineers, HBK has the ability to create designs that are efficient and accurate. The responsibilities of the engineers range from the design of temporary earth retention for trenches, shafts, or tunnels to providing onsite observations for tunnel inspections. HBK’s engineers also provide services for creating exploration plans and procedures, dewatering, and settlement plans.

The clients that HBK most closely work with employ a vast network of infrastructure in cities throughout the nation. Maintaining this infrastructure is critical to the long term success of these institutions. In an effort to extend the service life of the existing infrastructure, HBK provides design services for the modification of existing structures. HBK’s experienced staff also provides onsite inspections of these structures to determine their condition and provide repair recommendations as required.

Services include:

  • New building design
  • Building evaluations
  • Seismic retrofit
  • Structural renovations
  • Building additions
  • Equipment supports
  • Crane Rigging designs
  • Shoring design
  • Building risk assessment
  • Forensic engineering
  • Failure analysis
  • Construction litigation and claims evaluation
  • Due diligence
  • Structural anchorage
  • Bridge Erection designs
  • Contractor installation means and methods
Structural Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

The Team comprised of industry experts can design a wide array of support of excavation systems. We have the skill sets needed to evaluate project subsurface site conditions and develop constructible and cost-effective support systems. Construction designs for heavy civil works are based on rigorous investigation of conditions, our understanding of ground behavior and a value engineering approach to solve complex project execution problems. Team members are recognized national authorities in the application, design, management, forensic analysis and implementation of trenchless technologies for underground infrastructure rehabilitation and new installation. The Team excels in providing seamless planning, design, construction management and forensic services for underground space projects. The Team has over 100 years of experience in the evaluation and construction of improvements to existing earthen, rockfill and gravity dams, locks and levees across the United States as well as Canada.


Services include:

  • Geotechnical Baseline Reports
  • Geotechnical Data Reports
  • Asset Management
  • Formwork & Falsework
  • Cofferdam Design
  • Blasting Design
  • Value Engineering
  • Slip lining
  • Ground Improvement Designs
  • Construction Administration
  • Reservoirs and Dams


  • Landslide Evaluation and Stabilization Design
  • Tunnel Risk Management
  • Seismic Hazards Evaluation and Mitigation
  • Geotechnical exploration plans
  • Heavy Lifts & Below the Hook Lifting Devices
  • Earth Excavation Support System Designs
  • Existing Infrastructure Assessment and Inspection
  • Subsurface Geological Assessment
  • 3D Finite Element Modeling, VD and BIM
  • Construction specifications and estimates
  • Data Management and Controls