Public outreach is one of the many advantages HBK's environmental team provides as part of its cohesive, construction-minded team.

Outreach refers to the programs and processes used to communicate with, listen to and solicit feedback from any entity affected by or interested in the planning, construction and/or operation of a project.

A plan for public outreach from the onset of project development greatly increases the chances that a project will proceed in a timely, efficient and credible manner. HBK works collaboratively with the project team to create a respectful, educational and transparent approach to engage and inform stakeholders.


  • Interface with or supports interaction with internal and external audiences
  • Plan and execute a tailored outreach/communications strategy and internal communications initiatives
  • Develop key messages and communication materials appropriate for different target audiences
  • Educate, engage and inform landowners, communities and other stakeholders throughout the process with clear, concise communication
  • Use various mediums of education and information such as open houses, website, direct mail, news releases, print advertising, email and phone
  • Manage open house coordination from initiation to follow-up, including securing venues and accommodations
  • Foster two-way communication between key stakeholders and the project team to improve success in siting the project
  • Use of GIS viewer to input, track and report public outreach comments, improving communication among project team