Since our founding in 1998, HBK has successfully permitted for thousands of projects throughout the City of Chicago and surrounding suburbs.  Our approach to permitting involves balancing the needs of the Client and their Contractors with the requirements of the Municipality or Facility Owner for each project, such that the impact to the Municipality or Facility Owner is minimized.  HBK Engineering's Permitting Services include:

Underground and overhead construction and maintenance permitting:

HBK performs daily interaction with City of Chicago’s Permitting Department and the Office of Underground Coordination (O.U.C.) including:

  • Preparation and Submittal of Information Retrievals for Utility Information
  • Preparation and Submittal of designs for Existing Facilities Protection review by Board of Underground Utility members
  • Tracking of progress during reviews and coordination and conflict resolution

Public Way Openings and Occupation:

  • Construction Access and Closures
  • Maintenance/Manhole Access
  • Traffic Lane Closures/Traffic Control Design
  • Chicago Freight and Trolley Tunnel Access Agreements and Permits
  • Licensing
  • Grants of Privilege to Occupy and Operate Facilities in the Public Right of Way.

Overhead Permitting:

  • Coordinate with Pole Owners perform Records check
  • Prepare and submit pole attachment applications
  • Prepare and submit make-ready applications:

Make-ready engineering and design:

  • Meet and coordinate with Pole owner’s representatives to review information and resolve any potential conflicts