Program Management for Community Water Systems Lead and Copper Rule Revisions


With offices in the Midwest, East Coast, and West Coast, HBK boasts a dedicated team of over 700 personnel whose primary focus is designing and protecting utilities and utility networks. Our design projects involve working in and around the most complex utility infrastructure in the nation.

HBK’s goal is to protect public health in restoring America’s water infrastructure by striving to end the Lead Drinking Water Crisis. We are committed to taking an active role in providing municipal water utilities with the expertise, innovation, and care needed to establish and sustain lead-free drinking water for the communities they serve.

Today, municipal water utilities are at the forefront of the largest drinking water crisis in U.S. history. Challenged with balancing daily operational needs with meeting the new requirements set by the USEPA, as well as state regulatory agencies, municipal water utilities need guidance, support, and optimized solutions for compliancy.

HBK’s LCRR Program Management is a customized approach that is uniquely aligned with the target goals and regulatory objectives of the individual water utility. Comprised of water services professionals from multiple disciplines, the HBK Team’s comprehensive LCRR portfolio of services covers the entire spectrum of lead service line replacement, compliance, and reporting.

At HBK, we are equally committed to developing and delivering innovative, non-generic solutions in restoring each and every drinking water system. Our services are founded on environmental responsibility and financial stewardship on behalf of the communities we serve.

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Scope of Services

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