Through our work in the utility industry, The Team has developed the unique capability of understanding the impacts that site design and storm water management can have on the design and construction of new or reconstructed utility infrastructure facilities. Our engineers understand the layouts of all manner of utility facilities installations from waste water treatment plants, to 500kV electric substations, their associated equipment and the clearances required to operate and maintain this equipment. This understanding gives our Team the ability to consider these options in the site design of a proposed installation and work seamlessly with the client’s management, construction and engineering teams as well as successfully navigating the governing permitting agencies. Our Team has developed the designs for urban, suburban and rural facilities both brownfield and greenfield. Our teams can quickly recognize the appropriate Best Management Practices (BMPs) and design approaches for each of these scenarios. Our Team has often been the first engineer to apply new local or state regulations to a site and storm water design and has done so with success. These site design principles are scalable and applicable to smaller, less complex projects as well as to erosion and sediment control plans for maintenance or replacement projects.

Services include:

  • SWPP plans, Erosion prevention and sediment control plans
  • MOT plans per MUTCD and governing DOT regulations
  • Provision of application, documentation and required drawings, coordination through to acquisition of permits through: USACOE; EPA; DNR; NPDES; local governing Department of Water Management; Forest Preserve Districts; local Department of Building, Planning, & Zoning
  • Soil boring plans and specifications
  • Final Design and Contract Plans including specifications and quantity estimates
  • Site designs for grading, drainage, site lighting, fencing, roadways & parking lots, foundations
  • Creation of site conditions base file by application of existing utilities and infrastructure to footprint
  • Work with local One-Call for utility information
  • Stormwater Management Calculations and Reports
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering exploration program development and implementation
  • Gas, water, electric and telecommunication service connection designs.
  • Line and grade layout as well as construction staking
  • ADA compliant designs and facility upgrades
  • Geologic Mapping and Evaluations
  • Slope Stabilization
  • CLOMR and LOMR
  • ADA design and compliance