Woodridge 36 anconca transmission line relocation

Client: Nicor Gas

The existing 36” Ancona Transmission Line is currently exposed in two locations within the Prentiss Creek due to rapidly eroding conditions. Because the creek continues to erode, the prior temporary solution of damming the exposed main has failed.  As such, a relocation of the main throughout the creek area has been determined to be the ultimate solution.

HBK Engineering, LLC (HBK) performed survey, design and drafting for the replacement of this 36-inch, high-pressure transmission pipeline. Additionally, HBK managed a soil testing program for the project to assist in confirming the HDD design for the pipeline relocation.

The project takes place within company owned property, as well as third-party owned property, for which an easement will need to be acquired. Due to the limited amount of space available within the privately owned property, and the size and scope of the relocation project, there were several constructability issues that had to be taken into account during the design phase, including material delivery, storage and staging.  Additionally, the environmentally sensitive nature of the creek and the surrounding areas provided further constraints on constructability.  Through extensive coordination with key stakeholders, the 2,500LF HDD bore was designed successfully addressing all issues, and is planned for a Summer 2017 construction.

Existing 36" main exposed in eroding Prentiss Creek

Woodridge 36 anconca transmission line relocation

Eroding bank of the Prentiss Creek     

Woodridge 36 anconca transmission line relocation

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