Client: ComEd

HBK Engineering was retained by ComEd to provide engineering design support services associated with an overhead to underground electrical distribution conversion in Homewood, IL.

The main elements of design work performed by HBK were as follows:

  1. Convert subdivision from overhead to undergroung; 4kv to 12kv.
  2. Install Hendrix cable to maintain 4kv to ESS customer.
  3. Create multiple underground loops to increase reliability.

HBK Engineering LLC (HBK) was responsible for the electrical design to increase the reliability of hundreds of customers. The scope included the conversion of four subdivision blocks to underground from overhead, conversion of a 4kV line to 12kV, and the creation of multiple underground loops to increase reliability. Creative engineering solutions were required to situate required equipment within the allotted space available. The 4kV also feed an ESS customer and the conversion had to still maintain this voltage to the customer while increasing their relability. A hendrix span from the 3:1 to the ESS customer was engineered to accomplish these challenges. Municipal permits were required for work along road right-of-way. The design included the use of ComEd’s proprietary TED and Asset Suite 8 softwares as well as AutoCAD. One line diagrams and pad mount equipment installation diagrams were created to assist the construction contractors.  Several predesign, post design, and preconstruction walkdowns were performed to mitigate any potential design issues that arose in the field.  Coordination between two contracting companies was required to assure overlapping work was constructed correctly and efficiently.

Major Electrical Components:

  • Installation of 5,500 ft of cable
  • Installation of 1,500 ft of Hendrix cable
  • Installation of 15 pad mounted transformers