The Harriet F. Rees House is a historically significant structure in Chicago, Illinois. Located on S. Prairie Ave. in Chicago’s South Loop, the Rees House is a protected structure listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is an official Chicago Landmark that required relocation prior to planned construction at its existing location. HBK Engineering was tasked to assist in the relocation of the two (2) structures denoted as the Main Structure and the Coach House.

HBK’s scope of work included performing onsite field observations with the intent of identifying vaulted spaces adjacent to the travel path and to design a structural system to safely disperse the loads over the existing street and existing underground utility infrastructure during the relocation efforts in the Public Right-of-Way (R.O.W.). The system proposed consisted of layers of steel plating, timber matting, and gravel to safely and responsibly disperse the applied loads while the structure traversed the Public R.O.W. HBK analyzed the existing roadway and various existing utility infrastructure to ensure that the anticipated loads would not have any adverse effects. HBK also provided construction support during both of the structure relocations. Construction support included field verifications of the placed structural system and providing the Client with field change recommendations as needed.