Client: Nicor Gas

HBK Engineering, LLC (HBK) evaluated the proposed roadway improvement plans related to the reconstruction of Quentin Road between IL Route 22 and Rand Road to identify conflicts with existing Nicor facilities.  Nicor’s facilities within the project limits included 4” and 2” steel distribution gas main (60#), a regulator station, and an 18” high-pressure (230#) main running the length of the project.  Due to the extensive scope of the roadway improvement project, the entire length of the 18” main was determined to be in conflict and required relocation, as well as a significant amount of the 2” and 4” distribution main and the regulator station.

Because of the anticipated growth in the area, it was determined that the 18” main would be upsized and replaced with a 20” steel main.  In total, 635LF of 2” main, 3600LF of 4” main, 9000LF of 20” steel main, and 1 regulator station were relocated as a result of this roadway improvement.  Approximately 4500LF of the 20” main was designed to be installed via Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) and approximately 800LF was designed to be installed via Jack and Bore.

Nicor Quentin Road


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