Project Summary

HBK's oil and gas team provided engineering, procurement and construction of two 2,000 barrel NGL slug catcher and pump around facilities for Kinder Morgan Texas Pipeline, LLC. The project included design, fabrication and installation of the slug catchers and installation of NGL pumps and metering at Kinder Morgan’s Kenedy and Sheridan stations in south central Texas.

HBK's oil and gas team and Price-Gregory performed this as a Lump Sum, EPC project near three sitesin Texas: Kenedy compressor station, Yoakum trap site, and the Sheridan meter site.

The two grassroots slug catcher facilities were constructed on greenfield 20-acre plots; one immediately upstream of Kenedy compressor station and the other about 3,500 feet upstream of the Sheridan meter facility. Each 2,000 barrel facility includes future expansion capability to 5,000 barrels. The Kenedy facility removes NGL upstream of the compressor station and injects NGL back into the pipeline downstream of the station. The Sheridan facility removes NGL upstream of the natural gas meter facility then injects metered NGL into a separate NGL pipeline.

The Yoakum trap site is located halfway between Kenedy and Sheridan. The existing traps at the Yoakum site were removed and replaced with a new mainline valve. The valves and piping were relocated to a new trap site adjacent to the Sheridan meter site. The existing mainline and side valves for the Sheridan meter site were removed, modified and reused for the new Sheridan slug catcher facility.

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