HBK's environmental team provided environmental services alongside QPSE, a Quanta Services subsidiary that provided project management, ROW, survey, engineering and field services for Gulf South Pipeline Company, L.P.’s Pipe Remediation Project.

The project involved the replacement of previously identified Type A reinforcing sleeves along their FERC-regulated Index 129 and 130, 36-inch natural gas pipelines in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Over 500 Type A sleeves were located and staked by survey teams to be assessed by site assessment teams consisting of a HBK Environmental scientist, a ROW agent, a construction contractor and a Gulf South representative. The site assessment teams identified access roads, determined landowner restrictions, evaluated subsurface utilities, identified encroachments, determined traffic control requirements, assessed environmental impacts and determined required permits.

HBK's environmental team applied for and received environmental and civil permits from local, state and federal agencies including Harris and Fort Bend County Flood Control Districts, City of Houston, various counties, various state Departments of Transportation and state and federal natural resources agencies in each of the states.

Construction of the sleeve replacements began within 20 days of the notice to proceed, while permitting and assessment services continued ahead of construction. No construction delays were experienced.

boardwalk trench box
boardwalk pipeline right of way wetland
boardwalk construction safety trench box
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