As part of our full complement of subsurface utility engineering services, HBK performs utility locating for both the purposes of infrastructure mapping and record data collection as well as for the protection of existing utility infrastructure. We take a different approach to utility locating, using utility locate technologies as another tool in our arsenal for accurately identifying and depicting the location of underground facilities.

Used in combination with atlas data and physical field survey methods, geophysical data can be a powerful tool for the verification of underground facility positions. For the past ten years, HBK has used this method to accurately collect the location of installed underground facilities.

HBK currently provides Utility Locating, Watch and Protect services for multiple agencies, including  fiber optic bandwidth providers, municipalities and universities. Our goal is to raise the industry standard for how our nations most critical infrastructure is protected.

HBK combines our subsurface utility engineering approach with the suite of full locate services that we provide for multiple utility service providers,  including utility locating and marking, record data collection, locate ticket clearing, joint field meets, emergency locate response and line patrolling.  We apply the same due diligence to our locating as we do our designs and our locate staff is cross trained in topographic and GPS survey methods.

HBK has developed a culture where our locate staff is vested in the career of infrastructure locating and protection. We place the highest importance on knowing how to use the technology and developing a thorough understanding of the systems we map, mark and protect