Client: ComEd

The Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act includes the assessment and refurbishment of Commonwealth Edison’s entire underground distribution system. HBK plays a number of vital roles within the program providing engineers to accompany contractor electricians to each manhole to perform detailed assessments of all aspects of each structure, from cable and joint condition, environmental condition to structural condition. In addition to performing the on-site assessments and work coordination, HBK also developed the software used to capture the assessment data for each of the approximately 35,000 manholes in an efficient, consistent and accurate manner, as well as software modules which facilitate a complete workflow for each manhole from assessment to the completion of repairs.

HBK’s vast knowledge of both civil utility infrastructure and mapping technology, combined with our experience in large and complex programs, allowed for the fast and precise development of an overall program data management tool that enabled our client to schedule activity on a day to day basis and meet extremely aggressive project goals, while keeping detailed track of a very high volume of activity.

Each activity from initial inspection to final repair, and all data gathered during those activities is stored in a central repository and served back to the client over a web-based GIS browser, offering photo documentation, reports and 360 degree views for each structure all searchable by either address or structure name, using an intuitive graphical interface.

Project Highlights:

  • Involves the assessment of over 34,000 manholes
  • Tracks condition and repair status for over 200,000 segments of distribution cable on 6200 feeders
  • Custom data capture software developed for distribution manhole and cable inspection
  • Completes approximately 7,000 inspections per year
  • Has assisted in the management of the refurbishment of over 20,000 manholes to date
EIMA Manhole Assessment Program
EIMA Manhole Assessment Program