HBK Engineering was asked to identify ways to improve the Commonwealth Edison and AT&T facility and design the relocation for their subsurface utility structures within the west end of Chicago’s central business district in preparation for I-90/94 and I-290 Congress Parkway (Jane Byrne Interchange - Circle Interchange) rehabilitation project in Chicago, IL.

HBK outlined potential areas of improvement between existing ComEd facilities versus proposed bridge replacement, roadway reconstruction, lighting, traffic signals, and support structures. As a result, HBK evaluated and designed the relocation of eleven distribution duct bank relocation designs at six bridge reconstructions - Morgan St. Bridge, Halsted St. Bridge, Harrison St. Bridge, Northwest Flyover, Taylor St. Bridge, and Peoria St. Bridge. The project also included designing a temporary support system for existing ComEd duct packages attached to the bridges’ structure, identifying existing utility tunnels at a maximum of forty feet depth, ADA ramp designs, multiple traffic plan designs and utility support and monitoring systems.

HBK was responsible for all cable pulling tension calculations, duct and joint designs, cable training designs, and material request generation.   In addition to design phase activities, HBK provided construction support, worked in the field with the relocation construction contractors and owner throughout the process, and facilitated both construction activities and line outage coordination.