Client: Peoples Gas

HBK was responsible for design of approximately 130 miles of gas main construction drawings in multiple neighborhood projects included in Integrys’ 2011 and 2012 Accelerated Cast Iron Main Replacement Programs. The System Modernization Program consists of replacing cast iron gas pipes in the natural gas delivery system with modern polyethylene pipes to reinforce the long term safety and reliability of the system. HBK performed utility topographic survey, base drawing development and correlated the base drawings with existing utility atlases to develop a comprehensive picture of the existing conditions within the City of Chicago’s public right of way prior to providing gas main design and construction drawings for use during the permitting process and construction. Additionally, HBK developed standard traffic closure details that were applied to all of the 170 miles of proposed gas main installation planned for 2011 and 2012 on Arterial Streets and participated in coordination meetings with the City of Chicago’s Department of Transportation to understand concerns about implementing a large capital program by a private utility in parallel with the City’s and State’s increasing Capital Improvement Programs. HBK also acted as a liaison at the City Wide Traffic Task Force Meetings between the gas main replacement program and multiple participating governmental agencies, local business associations, transit organizations and the City’s Emergency Responders for the communication of the pending construction project schedule.

Other project activities included:

  • Utility Topographic Survey
  • Application of existing utility atlases / Utility Base Plan Development
  • Physical line-of-lay field walk downs
  • Determination of all associated pipe fittings, tie-ins, notes and details
  • Proposed main line-of-lay
  • Permitting coordination and assistance
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