Client: Peoples Gas (WEC Energy Group)

HBK Engineering, LLC (HBK) designed, permitted and provided construction support services for a 1.1 mile gas main to serve the Southeast Side of Chicago. This installation was completed in lieu of complete replacement of the Calumet 2 high-pressure pipeline. This design included two trenchless crossings:

  • A 1,700 foot Horizontal Directional Drill across the Calumet River
  • A 270 foot jack and bore underneath three sets of railroad tracks

HDD Design:

The HDD was designed to be drilled within the bedrock beneath the Calumet River, at a depth of approximately 90 feet below the water surface. This design was chosen to avoid the existing deep foundations of the 106th Street Bridge.

Jack and Bore Design:

The proposed running line crossed three sets of railroad tracks, requiring a jack and bore installation

Project Layout:

The eastern portion of the project consisted of a connection to an existing 36-inch high-pressure transmission main, which will feed a proposed HP-MP station. The remainder of the line, including the HDD and jack and bore, operates at medium pressure.

106th Lateral 1
Figure 1: Plan and profile of the western half of the Calumet River HDD installation
 106th Lateral
Figure 2: Installation and welding of 16" Steel Gas Main
Natural Gas