Submitted by Deb on Mon, 04/20/2020 - 19:05

April 19 to April 25 is National Volunteer Week. While giving money to support non-profit organizations is a worthwhile endeavor at any time, and especially now when fundraisers are being cancelled, there are additional ways to help in our community. Here are some suggestions:

• Give blood. Check American Red Cross listings for locations.
• Foster or adopt a pet. Shelters are lacking volunteers at this time and pets are in need of care. Also, consider donating pet supplies.
• Reach out to a house of worship for contact information of people in need of assistance.
• Shop or do errands for quarantined families who need to stay home or don't want to take their kids out in public areas.
• Call an isolated friend or family member to do a wellness check.
• Donate gift cards to a local hospital, police department or fire department for healthcare workers or first responders to purchase meals or coffee.
• Order curbside take out or delivery to support local restaurants.

CommUnity Pantry
MSI Science Works
Embark Chi
DuPage Adopt a Highway