Submitted by Deb on Thu, 08/01/2019 - 16:21

The 2018-2019 HBK IMPACT Awards Luncheons took place over the last three weeks of July to recognize employees who participated in the community outreach volunteer program. Prizes were awarded to those who contributed the most hours.

The Gold Prize was awarded to Jeremy Linke of the Oak Brook office. Silver awards were given to the next 15 employees with the highest number of IMPACT hours, and Bronze awards to the next 20 employees with the highest number of IMPACT hours.

The Silver Award Winners were: Douglas Yerkes, Amanda Payonk, Danielle Templeton, Gustavo Torres, Jeannie Oakes, Matt Finley, Daniel Rest, Mark Moen, James Gaca, Jennifer Ekeberg, Cora Paul, Brian Mulligan, Eileen Mullen and Bob Kolar. 

The Bronze Award Winners were: Kelsey Worcester, Sebrina Neal, Andrea Rivera, Anthony D'Angelo, Erin Perone, Rebecca Blazer, Matt Bardwell, Melissa Blazik, Olivia Claracay, Jamie Schwegmann, Bryan Bazik, Claressa Allison, Katrina Zarczynski-Magee, John Mascaro, Andrew Schwarz, Jose Rangel, Erin McGovern, Dipen Patel, Yosef Maynie, and Roger Rehayem.

Board Sponsorship Awards were received by Sandra Arredondo, Ian Abrams, and Ann Sunberg. 

All participants received an IMPACT t-shirt and certificate.

Luncheons were held July 16 in Baltimore, July 17 in Oak Brook, July 23 in Norristown, July 25 in Chicago, July 30 in Philadelphia, and July 31 in Iowa City (Breakfast) and Cedar Rapids. 

Philadelphia IMPACT Luncheon
Iowa City IMPACT breakfast
Cedar Rapids IMPACT luncheon