Submitted by Deb on Tue, 10/19/2021 - 16:14

HBK received the Greater Chicago Damage Prevention Council (GCDPC) Support of Service of the year award at the October 12th GCDPC meeting.  The award is given to recognize exemplary leadership in locating, engineering, and industry collaboration to ensure public safety through progress and continued advancement of the damage prevention process and reduction of utility strikes in the Greater Chicago region.

Notable activity includes successful execution of a high volume of facility locates in the Chicago region alongside leadership in collaboration and participation within the damage prevention community.

The GCDPC is made up of representatives from the damage prevention community and includes Utility Operators, Excavators, Utility Locators, 811 Chicago & JULIE One-Call centers, state and local governments, and others dedicated to the protection of underground facilities. The council provides an open forum for members to share ideas in order to minimize damages to underground facilities by taking a proactive approach to partnering with those engaged in excavating in the City of Chicago.

HBK accepts award
GCDPC meeting
GCDPC meeting