Submitted by Olivia Corcoran on Thu, 02/23/2023 - 18:44

For 28 years, Girls in the Game has given young women in Chicago and beyond the tools and confidence they need to achieve any goal they set for themselves. Through sports, health and leadership programs, Girls in the Game instills the confidence, motivation and belief that no goal they set for themselves is too high. No goal is unreachable. And that if they can dream it, they can be it, and accomplish anything they set their mind to. HBK is proud to support its work to create the next generation of leaders: Generation Unstoppable.

Since 1995 more than 55,000 girls have started a journey at Girls in the Game that has taken them to classrooms, board rooms, on the field and into worlds they never expected to enter. Girls in the Game give girls the encouragement to forge ahead and the conviction to quiet the naysayers. They help them develop confidence in the person that matters most-herself.

On Feb. 23 2023, HBK joined business and culture leaders, local and national celebrities, and those who have been part of the organization’s history in celebrating 28 years of success and powerful girls and women everywhere. It was an amazing evening and HBK was proud to be a part of the celebration.